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The Friends of Rudy Gelnett Memorial Library is a non-profit corporation of community members who believe that good libraries are essential to the cultural and economic well-being of our community.

We are independent and separate from the library board of trustees, but work in close cooperation with the library staff and board to improve and promote the library. We focus public attention on library services and activities, strengthen and expand library services and supplement library funding, allowing for special collections, services, materials and programs that would not otherwise be possible. We also include all branches of the Snyder County Libraries in many of our gifts of support.

Volunteers are always needed and heartily welcomed! Get involved with other motivated people who share a common interest in making our library the best that it can be. We hope you'll join us!
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Quilt Raffle for Amish Handmade QuiltQuilt Raffle
Friends is currently holding a ticket raffle for your chance to win an Amish Quilt made by Nora Martin Quilts in Mifflinburg. You could be the winner!

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The Incredible Collectible Crock Inventory Sale!Collectable Crock
Friends of the Gelnett Library have taken inventory of the remaining collectible crocks and mugs and they are now for sale. Grab one or more while you still can!

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